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Recursos para Photoshop


A través de este link se puede bajar de forma gratuita fotos de árboles para enmarcar la composición del render en Photoshop.

Animaciones y renders con nivel profesional


Methanoia es un estudio multidisciplinario con vasta experiencia en visualización arquitectónica. Integrado por arquitectos, directores de arte, especialistas 3D, cineastas, diseñadores gráficos y fotógrafos entre otros cuenta con los más espectaculares trabajos de render y animación.

Algunos ejemplos de sus trabajos:

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Tutoriales, procedimientos, foros y más

Recursos_ personas 2D descargar gratis


Diseño paramétrico _ Conferencia Internacional


Parametric design

Parametric design is a process based on algorithmic thinking where the parameters and rules encode and define relationship between design assumptions and design response.

Spatial forms are generated based on algorithms and parameters assumed by the designer. Final shape is based on dynamically determined criteria of modification.

Resulting shapes often differ from the traditional forms (e.g. by increased complexity) and cannot be defined using traditional methods of production. Digital fabrication is usually required in creation process.

Generative design

It is a design process where forms are developed through mechanisms mimicking those observed in Nature. The output is generated by a set of principles defined by the designer. Because of that, Generative design is strongly connected with Parametric Design through the sets of parameters changed by the autonomous process. By its speed and ability to generate multiple design solutions within a specific set of rules, Generative Design is used to test and evaluate the design assumptions.


Digital Fabrication

Digital fabrication is a process linking Design with Production through the use of computer-aided modeling and computer-aided manufacturing equipment. It allows to combine physical world with the virtual reality for dynamic testing and prototyping of design ideas.

Due to direct connection between designer and production equipment, this process enables creation of complex structures, which are usually impracticable to produce using traditional methods.

3d Print

One of the most widely known method of Digital Fabrication is 3D printing. It is a method utilizing various technologies to create physical versions of digital 3d models. Typically, it is done by overlapping the thin layers of different materials (wood, metals, plastics, ceramics, etc).

Exemplary methods of 3D printing:

DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) – It is a production process based on bonding together subsequent layers of constructed model using laser beam. Typically it uses various metal powders.

FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) – Manufacturing process of 3D models involving the deposition of melted plastic material by a modeling nozzle.

SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) – technology for bonding plastics or metals powders using laser beam.

Modelos 3D para descargar


Modelos, texturas y mapas para descargar